Attractive graphic designs lead to effective advertising. My job as a designer is to speak directly to your target audience in a way that inspires them to take action. Whether you need a logo, brochure, business card, or complete identity package, I will provide you with the professional design help that you need. Visit the Design Portfolio and Art Gallery pages to view samples of my work.

Logo Design –

A good logo design captures the essence of your business. It’s the single most important item that is used in all of your marketing pieces. A logo portrays your objectives, what you stand for, and the nature of your business. A good logo makes your organization stand out from your competitors.

Business Cards –

Business cards are something many of us take for granted. The look, feel, and message on a card help people determine how they view you and if they will remember you. Uniqueness of your card is key so that your card stands out among the rest. Use of typography, color, and paper all play a role in how your business is portrayed.

Poster Design –

Posters are used to communicate a message that fully represents your company and they have a great impact on the market. Using a bold image or statement in a poster will immediately catch the consumer’s eye, enticing them to further investigate the advertised product, business, service, or brand.

Post Cards – 

Creative postcards will generate interest from potential clients and promote your brand. They are meant for delivering messages, marketing products, and promoting services. Postcards must be interesting and useful for the recipients. All of this can be achieved with the right use of images, color, and type aligned with your specific purpose.

One page flyer design – 

Flyers are important when advertising an event, product, or business because they raise the public’s awareness for your company or brand. Never underestimate the power of a flyer. Many businesses have thrived due to the awareness raised through the distribution of flyers.

Brochure Design –

Brochures provide many advantages when used in promoting products or services. Well-designed brochures can help generate more leads and promote brand awareness. Attractive designs and attention-grabbing graphics leave memorable impressions, resulting in better recognition and greater possibilities for more sales and profits.

Identity Package –

When developing a brand or identity for your business a consistent look through out all of your marketing material is important. Consistency with the use of colors, logos, and messaging make it easy for customers to identify with your business.

Newsletters –

Pricing will be determined upon complexity of project.

Newsletters are a great way to stay in touch with your customers or clients. They are used to keep them up to date on new services and products. Newsletters let people know what you are doing and how you can assist them.

Web Designs –

Price varies on the complexity of the project. Includes Basic Word Press site design.

Word Press is a user friendly content management system that allows clients to manage the content of their site. I will work with you to develop a basic website that communicates to your target audience and expresses the identity of your business. Once the project is completed you will be able to update content, such as prices, events, and photos on your website,  without having to pay someone to do it for you.

All design costs, deadlines, etc will be agreed upon by both parties before any work is started.

Custom Graphite Sketches-

Original Art created from your Photos. Depending on the size and subject matter, all prices will be tailored to each project.

“Turning everyday snapshots into works of art. With the ability to combine multiple photos into one drawing, each sketch is customized to the clients needs, providing a personalized, one of a kind, easy to frame, detailed, graphite sketch on quality Bristol paper.”

A personalized graphite drawing makes a great gift for Weddings, Anniversarys, Birthdays or any day. I typically do sketches of pets, wedding portraits, anniversary portraits, vehicles, children’s portraits, and family portraits. The possibilities are endless. Combining multiple photos into one drawing works great for family portraits.

Acrylic Paintings –

Acrylic Paintings are generally done in an abstract manner, depending on the size and subject matter, all prices will be tailored to each project.

Shipping and artwork costs will be agreed upon before any work is started. E-mail me at and we can discuss your order today. Shipping costs are not included in the prices listed above. Most shipping is a standard $5.00 rate. No returns or refunds on all sketches and paintings. If you’d like a sketch made up from one or more of your photos please choose photos with clear detailed quality.